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Supported Transportation

Volunteer as often as you like. This program offers rides to medical appointments for seniors who no longer drive.


Meals on Wheels

Deliver hot and nutritious meals to seniors.  Openings for holiday relief work are available.


To Register to become a volunteer contact:

Vicki Holman
Executive Director
250 715-6481




 Jane Sheppard
 2093 Calais Rd., Duncan, BC VL 5V8
 Phone: 250–748–3626
 Email: janesheppard@shaw.ca
 • Assist with transfer of services, address change, etc.
 • Downsizing and distribution of items not needed
 • Pack, move and unpack
 • Hang the pictures and make the bed
 • Welcome to your new home!

 Tammi King, Transition Facilitator
 Phone: 250-710-7173
 Email: tammirk@gmail.com
 Web: www.forgmenotassistants.com
 Helping to make moving easier. We will provide you with the services required to accomplish a smooth and worry-free transition from your current home to your new one, from finding the right real estate agent to putting away your dishes. Tell us what you need and we will make it happen.


Madeleine and Philip Tarrant
Phone: 250-732-3354
Email: savvysorters@gmail.com
Website: www.savvysorters.ca

At Savvy Sorters we support those who are transitioning homes, downsizing to smaller accommodations or perhaps just a lateral move.
We assist by reducing clutter, recycling, up-cycling and finding appropriate places for cherished items. We can reduce all your paperwork
and photos to digital form. And we can help you pack and unpack.

For more info please visit our web-site or give us a call, consultations are free and without obligation.


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Cowichan Seniors Community Foundation
135 Third Street, Duncan, B.C. V9L 1R9
Phone: (250) 715-6481   |   Fax: (250) 746-8819
Email: Cowichan Seniors Community